Residential Buildings

Natural stone materials are open to a variety of interior and exterior applications for floor and wall coverings, stair coverings, countertops, barbecue coverings and other lavish decorative item satisfying your own exceptional personality and ideas for your space. A unique end result is achieved for every application adding luxury and character to your space.

Natural stones all share a common characteristic; they are naturally created as unique, varied an ultimately incomparable material. In order for a stone to perform to its highest capabilities, the correct stone must be chosen for each application.

Interior residential walls have served merely as a way to divide and define spaces within the homeand are often masked by artwork and niches. However, residential walls are moving to the forefront with the addition of visually engaging compositions such as natural stonewall surface. Walls cladding with stone can add warmth and a touch of romanticism. Stonewalls hold the secret to maintaining consistent temperature and proper humidity to perfection.

Marble, granite and other stones are generally used in residential areas like kitchen countertops bathroom vanity, backsplashes, tub surround, shower, surround, flooring, walls, window sills and furniture tops

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Stone Recommendations for Residential Buildings

The following are some examples where natural stone can be utilized for commercial applications. Of course we are always at your disposal for providing customized solutions according to your individual architectural needs and style.
Residential Stone Usage Chart