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With an emphasis in providing premium quality products to consumers with high demands in search of customized and more advanced solutions than the ordinary provided in the market, we are committed in implementing a quality management system based in fulfilling the following parameters:

  • Identification and satisfaction of the needs of each specific customer
  • Supply of high quality materials, products and services
  • Operating with experienced and qualified personnel
  • Implementation of the relevant European standards (CE Marking) for tiles and slabs on floors and stairs
  • Respect and implementation of the relevant laws with an emphasis in the work safety issues and environmental protection
  • The implementation and constant upgrade of our Quality Management System constitutes yet another commitment to the principles set out by the company.
  • The system sets out, measures and analyses goals, which are reviewed and revised regularly so as to ensure its effectiveness.

The management and staff of our company state their firm commitment to the implementation, maintenance and constant improvement of the policy, principles, goals, procedures, services and provisions of the Quality Management System.

ISO 9001:2008

The quality system of our company concerning the fabrication, sales, delivery and installation of our products has been approved by the International Certification and was awarded the ISO 9001 qualification.The adoption of a quality management system was a decision of strategic significance for the company. The ultimate goal based on the international standard ISO 9001 is to assure on a continuous basis the supply of materials, products and services which satisfy the demands of our customers and of course to achieve a constant observation of the applicable regulatory demands.

The Quality Management System represents the ways and methods employed by our business to manage and control our activities related to quality. Generally it includes the organizational structure alongside planning, procedures, resources and documentation that we are using to achieve these quality targets.

The advantages our company has accrued from this plan have been beneficial and multifaceted as by implementing it we manage to achieve:

  • Continuous improvement of our business performance and productivity.
  • Continuous increase of our focus onto our business targets and customer expectations.
  • Attaining and sustaining the quality of our materials, products and services to assure customer demands and their related needs.
  • Further increase the degree of our customers’ satisfaction
  • Create the trust towards our customers that the quality levels sought for are well facilitated and maintained.
  • Obtainment of official recognition by independent organization of certifications.